What Is Outplacement?

Outplacement is an employee benefit afforded to workers who have recently been laid off from their jobs and seek assistance to transition back into the workforce.

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Why Offer Outplacement Assistance?

Employers view outplacement as an investment that yields many results:

Increase the likelihood of rehiring once laid-off employees

Protect employer brand & reputation

Mitigate the risk of litigation

as our recent Outplacement Survey revealed, the #1 reason that employers offer outplacement was the desire to do the right thing.

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History of Outplacement Services

When Outplacement emerged in the 1960s, companies typically offered career assistance primarily to executives and upper-level employees, affording them the trappings of a familiar work environment—a satellite office, a phone, and an assistant—to aid in looking for employment. In the 1990s, full-time consultants became a common high-touch added service.

These two offerings—the “brick-and-mortar” provision of a satellite office and one-on-one or group coaching — continue in outplacement today and have defined the scope of services for the past five decades. But times have changed: Organizations face new challenges, but also benefit from new advantages, of a modern labor market.

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Outplacement Support:
Employer Ethics in the New Labor Economy

A globalized economy, social media, and technological advances continue to rapidly reshape the way we work:

  • Corporate layoffs now come standard with outplacement services
  • Social media and review sites have prompted more employers to become more vigilant in protecting their brand and reputation from bad press resulting from reductions in force (RIF).
  • The development of more affordable solutions has allowed more companies of all sizes to include outplacement in their benefits packages.

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Did you know that 58% of HR leaders had frustrations with the services offered by their existing outplacement provider?

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